Finding my creative space

I am puzzled,  how am  I going to get my creative nook going. I have a few fleeing ideas here and there but this one is different. I have a space already, though not impressive. But this time I am attempting to have a space in our busy living room. But it needs to be neat and somewhat tidy. Is that an oxymoron? A neat and creative space? I just know though that’s something I need , if I am to get anything done. A space in the midst of my world– so that here and there while doing other important things I can sneak in a few desperate moments to work on something. I am thinking of just a desk and a sewing machine. But I crave much more. But have no idea how to go about it. A few miniature pictures? Or a collage? Maybe just a canvas covered in fabric? I need storage too. A basket or some sort of device to hide a few essentials. I guess you could say I am baffled on how to accomplish all this. . . . .  I might just settle at this time for something no frills and combat it with a piece of temporary art. At least until I can hatch a plan.


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