Strawberry Sweetness

Yesterday after dinner I cut up several strawberries and we had them with homemade whipped cream and ghiridelli chocolate. Now if you havent ever done this you must! Hurry and buy yourself a bag of their chocolate chips and get some heavy cream while you are at it!

What I do:

–pour half the cream in a bowl, add a tablespoon or more of sugar

–And a teaspoon or two of real vanilla extract

–Using a wire wisk on a blender, wisk several minutes until soft peaks form.

–throw a half cup of chips in a condiment cup and heat under a tealight

–meanwhile as the chocolate melts rinse and cut up organic strawberries

–Place on plate along with two forks or skewers


(you can try using something other than strawberrys, just whatever you have on hand )


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