A Lil’ Lighter Folks

Okay now after such deep reflection I thought I would relieve you from my previous post ( *grin*).

Today was a bit better, it was expected had its ups and downs (what days don’t?)  but frankly I need a break from da dada  soooooo– On to other things, ha ha.

I managed to scrape my barrel of creation and get actually something out of it. But I did have to dive reaaalllly Deep! Please forgive my sarcasm ( there is not a better coping mechanism!). I totally splurged a bit and yesterday bought some super yummy yarn that well…. gave me butterflies. Orange as can be I wasted no time and started right away. Is it stupid to be so excited over a dishrag? Yeh, that’s what I am making. But whatever gives ya joy right?



I did do some  other artsy things but feel they are pretty lousy–but I will share it just not today. We may be doing an Easter get together this saturday. Nothing concrete but the plan is kinda floating there. I am unsure of what I may bring food wise–deviled eggs I always want to see, so much that’d I would definitely make and bring just so I knew they would be there. Do you love food like that? I did make some Orange cranberry scones here yesterday. My hub was impressed. I was very critical (theme lately). But in all making scones was a new experience. And I can now add that to my arsenal. Bad day? Have a scone! Fixes EVERYTHING…..insert serious face here.

I had a moment today that lightened the load. I was being super-duper serious and the other was making sarcasm–over a phone conversation. I tried so hard to hide my grins and was afraid the person over the line would pick up on said grins. Well it caught on. And I laughed pretty hard. Almost died ..Watch out if you do that spontaneously! wink.

I think it is true though. There can be some serious crap in life. But don’t you love when you should be chucked out lying on the floor in fetal position when for some odd reason joy lifts your heart and you let out a guttural laugh? It’s not that it is wrong to be serious at times but I also think that circumstances being as bad or as good should at times be met with a nobody hears me chuckle. I mean why not?! I hope you all have a great day today and have one of those chuckle moments! I enjoyed writing this post today, i hope you enjoyed it too!

God bless!


One thought on “A Lil’ Lighter Folks

  1. Love to see you crocheting!!

    Don’t say your arty things are lousy. 😦 Everything you attempt is just part of the learning process.

    Love your little bottle of violets. I have dark purple violets in an antique bottle in one of the little nooks in my wall! We’re on the same wavelength you and I!!

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