Seedlings are Growing!

So here I am, its lovely and bright outside and I am making lunch. I have lots I can do today. One thing I must do is plant some more seeds indoors. That is, for my outdoor garden. I have already planted some tomatoes, peppers, and Basil. But I have more tomatoes I want to plant as well as herbs and such. Are any of you planning a garden this year? Are you going to buy your plants or start them yourself?

I love gardening. So much that I start thinking about my garden way before it is close to planting time. I usually spend winter thumbing through plant catalogs, and making sketches of what or where I would like to plant things. I am not a very organized person. But I tend to always jot things down in a notebook that I have with me ALL THE TIME! Are any of you like that?

There always seems to be tons to do around here. More schedule’s, work here and away, that it is so hard to just focus one day at a time. But today, I want to focus on a couple things that may make tomorrow more bearable. And do those things to give me a little more hope or joy. Because sometimes out of the whole day there is so much to do, but there is something, usually a little something, you can do to make yourself feel more ahead. And that’s what we should all do from time to time.


2 thoughts on “Seedlings are Growing!

  1. I’m going to have to post some photos of my seedlings, too. I have radishes and lettuce planted outside and cilantro and basil on my windowsill. Watching them grow is so joyful! I hope you’re not having the snowy sleety yuckiness that we’re having here!

  2. Ashley,
    Hi there. Remember me?? I googled your name this morning and found your blog. I used to look for you all the time and then fell out of the habit, sorry to say. Glad you’re posting again and pushing yourself to do the things you love. I’ve added your link to my blog now so I can find you easily. I’ll be watching for your growing and creating, so keep it up! Stop by and visit my space from time to time. Happy spring.

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