Raindrops and Chill

It is march first, that in itself is hard to believe. And being so you’d expect warm weather, sunny skies, and warm temps. But although none of this is true, at least for today. It was a great opportunity to take some pictures outside with the drops of rain still holding onto the chilled leaves. There is not  a whole lot of flowers right now. Mostly because we have had so many in bloom a week ago. But there are some here and there.

These Dianthus were so bright today. I have not even had a chance to weed my beds this year –so I just took the shot anyway without being unnerved by the weeds growing along with it.  Although in my back yard it looks as if the perennial bed has been overcome by weeds. I see weeds than I see grass and then in the midst I see a plant growing that awakens my memory to planting it there. I guess you could say that this year has been so far a very busy one. I cannot believe how fast the time has been flying! crazy.

It was a bit chilly tromping around in my crocs and the plants would sway as I tried to take a photo. This here is my delphinium. I LOVE this flower. Its stalks grow about 5′ feet high and it flowers look so different than the other flowers I am used to. I guess that and the fact it attracts the hummingbirds could be the reason I love it so much.

So are your flowers growing? Are you going to be planting something this year?


One thought on “Raindrops and Chill

  1. Haha, sorry to laugh at you, sweetie, but it’s nowhere near March 1st. 🙂

    Glad your flowers are looking lovely even with the weeds overgrowing everything. I’ve been slow getting to all of my weeds, too. Hope to see lots more photos in the coming weeks! 🙂

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