Garden mumblings and a Soapbox

My garden’s growing, but not without some not so welcome bugs. I garden organically, so when say a little moth or say caterpillars and slugs eat my beloved bean plants. Well— I shudder. But to do gardening this way you have to have a tough heart, and be willing to experiment to see what things naturally you can do to get the buggers scattering. There is many a sad case of others, the first thing they do is run for the insecticides! That in itself seems to me a little more than damaging. But I choose the other route. I am going to work with it a bit. And see how it comes out. I have in the past lost entire crops to bugs. But now I generally have a good handle on things. It is just that tender growth of new beginnings with these bean plants that keep me on my toes.

It is amazing to me how far we have let chemicals be in everything these days. And then we get surprised how our bodies feel after we have polluted them with every thing imaginable. I am in no way a hard-core naturalist. But I do try to do things differently in the ways I can. I buy organic when its available. I buy base ingredients like milk, eggs, flour, organically. I think to pay for say a gallon of milk for 3.00 is ridiculous. I would rather pay the $6-7 dollars for the organic milk and gently wave goodbye to the other convenience foods sitting within arms reach of the grocer’s shelves. Now it is true, I do buy a Totino’s Pizza on event and eat it. But mind you I did tell you earlier I am not your hard-core naturalist. But I can say we can all do better. And each day I think I learn more and more better ways to eat, and I am also learning how to prepare foods a bit differently. So if say today you see me in the store with that Totino’s at least I warned you ahead of time. But if I see you have a cart full of them. At least I can understand the pull. But you and I can do better. And I will encourage you if you can buy organic, buy in the things you eat the most– Say, potatoes, milk, ect. Do the better you can, and if you can’t afford the whole organic section try not to despair. Better is still better than not at all.

<Ending soapbox here>


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