A Garden Tour and Container Gardening

You ready? Promise not to laugh at my meager efforts to having a productive garden? Okay, its true I do not have a garden of epic proportions. But if I did you would be asssured I would try my very best to become as sustainable as possible. I have that as a dream of mine, to grow most of my food from home. And to know were it started, and how it came to be. I like knowing what is on my food, as well as in it. It is funny how in such a small space one can grow so much food. Pretty impressive I think. I have a postage stamp shaped yard and I have successfully planted a garden in the only space I could find that gets full sun all day long. In an effort to stock my freezer for the winter blues  I planted sweet corn. When it is ripe I will chuck it and put it in storage bags. Then I will pull one out one at a time to go with meals in the future. Weeds are always fighting me on it though.The corn has only been up for a  a couple weeks now and today I went out and took a hoe to the rows. It is amazing to me how fast weeds germinate and grow. If all my crops grew as well as a weed, well I would never have any problem.

You might be wondering what those blue dixie cups are doing around my plants. If you remember my last post the slugs and caterpillars were eating my beans. And….. the beans were the only thing (besides the sweet corn) that did not have these barriers around it. ] I have  made another spot to be my make shift area I could plant some broccoli ( since there was no space in the general garden area), but my broccoli had toilet paper rolls around the stems and sadly the cardboard simply did not work. So out of say 12 broccoli I have maybe two left. And the two are actually damaged. I think I am a tough farmer. But when I seen the carnage I felt a little humbled. But rise up is what I did. I planted some more broccoli in my little container garden in hope that maybe, I would actually get a few heads. Take that sluggards!!!

I love me some strawberrys. And my deck I see as ‘free space’ And being so I planted these strawberrys last year. I am also truthfully kinda greedy though. I planted them in boxes not only because I did not have much space elsewere but the fact that if there is a move they are coming with me. Greedy, greedy……lol.

And the greed keeps going, Blueberrys in containers too.

And the rest of my container garden venture.

This is an idea I got after  I went searching for containers. I was looking for anything, a five gallon bucket, a rubbermaid. But decided on these. Just dish tubs. You can get them at a department store about anywhere for around 3-4 dollars a piece. I went with the bigger tubs ( 18 qt ). After a few drainage holes are drilled. Just fill them with a mixture of organic potting soil and compost, as well as some organic fertilizer. I like how they are not very deep. I  planted radishes. eggplant,  herbs,  ect. . But you can plant almost anything. And I am already snipping herbs for dinner. Whats great about these is that I can move them from place to place. If say they need more sun I can just set it were it would get all it needed. I set them on an old bench that way I was getting more space by going up. And it I think looks better too. Do you have a container garden? Have any conatiner ideas? Or a blog or picture you want to share? Let me know And I will post it!!!



5 thoughts on “A Garden Tour and Container Gardening

  1. Your garden is looking great. Love the containers! What a great idea to use the dish tubs! 🙂

    One thing I do in my veggie garden is to mulch it heavily with grass clippings (they’re free!). We’ve been piling them on year after year and as they break down they improve the soil. It also really keeps down the weeds. In the fall I fill the bed with leaves and then those break down, too. In the spring you can turn the leaves and any remaining grass into the ground and then cover it up with grass clippings until you’re ready to plant. When I planted my tomatoes and peppers, I just moved aside the grass to make holes to plant. Beneath the ground was moist and full of worms when elsewhere in my yard everything was so dry! It really cuts down on the labor (not as much watering and almost no weeding).

    I can’t wait to see how things progress in your garden!!

  2. Nice to see all the photos of your garden! Anne’s tips are exactly what I would recommend. I’ve been walking with my push mower that has a bag on the back all over this acreage just to collect the clippings. Sadly my riding mower just mulches the grass. You can imagine I’m getting my 10,000 steps per day.
    Your idea of collars on the veggies is one I learned years ago from Victory Garden.
    And using containers is great! Really extends the growing space. Good luck with those weeds. I think they pop up overnight here. But worse than that are the invasive grasses. Grrrrr!

  3. Grass Clippings and leaf litter are definitely a great compost or mulch! I usually do grass clippings, mainly because there is not an abundance of trees. I really wish I had more leaves though, I would certainly put them to use!

    Sharon, My tomato cages are made!! I used some fence cutter’s on either hog or cattle panels and they work great! I can even jump on each side to secure it to the ground and the wind never takes them down. My tomatoes usually get 5-6′ high so these really are great. You can also make these into a arch for an arbor, or you can make them into an a-frame trellis. There is truly many things you can make from these panels. Maybe one of these days I should give a tutorial on how to make them 🙂

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