Foodies, Garden, and My Husbands Job

In effort to have a more interesting blog post, I meant to go outside and give you another update on my garden, as well as my container garden. Being what it is though– wet and rainy, I did not think I could get a decent photo. And even if I did, it wouldn’t be without rain drops on the lense. So to work it out I’ll use some pictures I took earlier this week. But first I need to share a foodie that is a common weakness for me. Strawberry’s, chocolate, and homemade whipped cream. Heavenly….

So far the container garden is going well. The radishes are growing and I am hoping they will start making the bulb part soon. Because right now it looks like it is just leaves. And then I have cabbage I am trying out in the tubs as well. I am also excited because I had two empty pots I needed to put some plants in and I found some asparagus starts at our farmers market. So in went the asparagus into both pots. It will be a very long time before I can harvest any asparagus. But I made the investment anyway. Stefan and I love asparagus!

Then there is my husbands job. He is supposed to be reapplying for his position this week. They are outsourcing most the work here soon. So say a prayer for him this week. He does amazing work. And I think you will agree.

But I am confident that he will do just fine. With or without his current job, he is a very gifted graphic designer and does excellent work. And I have full confidence in him. I guess thats all for today blogger friends.


One thought on “Foodies, Garden, and My Husbands Job

  1. I’ve often thought that you and Stefan would totally love Viroqua and the broader driftless region. Food, gardening, arts abound and there are lots of young folks, not just old fogies like me and Jerome. Should, God forbid, things not work out at the paper, think about pulling up stakes and striking out a bit west.
    Of course I know neither of you wants to leave your family in Ohio. In my mind I am a realist, but my heart does like to dream.
    Oh well, you can at least come out for a visit! Any time, really.

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