Garden Update and a Musing

Okay I really am having a hard time over how quick the time has been going. After starting a few container plantings less than a week ago.  I thought I would have loads of time to get all my containers planted. But with my soil and seeds waiting at the ready I could not find any more of the dish tub containers I needed. But after trips at the warehouse of a store and eyeing the shelf, it finally restocked and I excitedly and greedily ravished several. Just in the nick of time sayed my interior voice. So after unbearable delay I started.

First in went some light organic potting mix, this stuff is light and fluffy– I also added  organic compost, some organic fertilizer, and then lastly topped it of with some more of the organic fluffy potting mix. Here you can see the granular organic fertilizer just before I mixed it up. So far this mix seems to be working well for all the previously planted containers. Although something happened along the way to the radishes. Half of them well, expired. I might of over watered them, as the soil never dried out that I could tell. Or you could say as I like to call it  ‘ Loved them to theyre death ‘ But…

And here you can see the finished result. I have them all sitting on my back deck. Farthest back I have them placed on a bench. Then I used a few bricks and a piece of scrap wood to elevate the second row. So far I like this setup pretty well. Although I think a more permanent solution would be to setup a couple of frames for steps from Lowes, then attach it to the railing–then just make a slight vocal of ‘Ta-da’ when finished. But here is my non-permanent solution.

While musing over containers for this kind of gardening I found a rather great idea for say a strawberry patch or what have you. Just remember sappy is the best word to describe me lately. As I was venturing around my back yard looking for a black 5-gallon bucket to plant my new raspberry’s in ( I never did find the 5-gallon bucket ) I accidentally fell upon an idea that could work rather well. Behold the best movable and cheap gardening idea! A ‘concrete mixing tub’. Last I checked you could buy these babys from lowes for around $15 dollars. The tub and a few holes drilled through the bottom –you’d have yourself a redneck garden planted. Seems to me like the perfect match! But if your ill over its looks just scratch this idea and stick to those pretty cedar boxes you buy in the catalogs. Or Just build one yourself the old-fashioned way.

Oh and just in case you were curious my other garden is doing well. The sweet corn is growing exceptionally well. And the tomatoes have buds finally so the tell-tale signs for food are coming. Here is just a peek.

Enjoy your weekend!


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