Comes as no shock.

To those who know me best, you know that my absence in this blogging world is no shock. Most times my intentions are there to be here blogging to you all. But as things were I was doing a lot of outdoorsy things, namely fishing. Again its no shock to those who know me best. I can tell you though. All this going has made it hard for me. I have been feeling uninspired lately. And just last night I stole time on Pinterest. Pinning away in no serious fashion, whatever there was that gave me back a little passion or say inspiration. I guess with all this un-inspiredness –Is that a word?  I feel behind. I never quite realized how a lack of the “I” word could mean in just doing and going about life in general. For instance, I can cook with passion when I am inspired, as well as clean, decorate, create. But if I am not with it, I literally slave in my mind everything I need to do but I have no desire in doing. So passion definetely helps!

I feel more inspired this morning though. I made a pot or organic coffee and made dutch babies ( read about them here ). And in a sense I am writing this blog because I am inspired. But I am also tired to though, I was up at 6 and its still only 7:30. So early, early.

So what is running through my mind right now? A lot of things. I have the notion that I would like to somehow update the look of my kitchen. And make it more functional and welcoming as for the mornings I don’t want to drag myself out of bed to make breakfast. And then there is the disorganization of our house. I want it to be a place I enjoy spending time. And I need to create ‘nooks’ that make spending time here easier. not just for me though but for my husband as well. I also want to reclaim our front and backyard. The beds I have planted our going through a drought we have had here. No bee balm flowers they all but dried up and no crocosmia dried up as well. It is hard telling if they will even be back next year. But I did however reclaim the side bed against one side of the house. I widened the bed with a curve and planted three roses and five lavender plants. Roses and Lavender, is there any better smelling plants out there? Well I will answer my own question. Jasmine and Moonflower. Those smell very good also as well, as does Lemon verbena, Chamomile, ect. Thankfully the plants might get watered today. We have a forecast of three days of rain and thunderstorms. But in the past those so called thunderstorms passed with only a few drops before sauntering off to some more rain worthy place. Figures. . .

So here I am sitting in bed, yes it’s true with a cup a coffee and my computer. Trying so hard to somehow breath excitement in today. Because today I have lots I need to do. But It for me is so hard to find what needs my attention first. So friends have any advice for me? And lastly, do you have a quirk that makes your mornings better? Or starts you off on the right foot?

Right foot un-ending possibilities

a Coffee

a Read

a Nap

a Song






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