Simple things

I have been thinking about food here a lot lately. And also thinking more about how out of control the food on our grocers shelves have become. GMO’s, corn syrup, wood pulp, pink slime, the ongoing question of food and its safety. As well as the big food dog corporations that are influencing us and coming up with this junk. It’s sad to say that education into the mysterious food world can leave you with less then warm fuzzies regarding what it is we are supporting and feeding our families. The guise we have placed over our eyes are of that we never knew what we were being dealt. And I believe that our food has touched a strangely more uncomfortable level. Trust, a small word with big meaning. I used to trust that every time I bought say Aunt Jemimas pancake mix that I was bringing home some soon to be warm, smelly good pancakes to our morning. But now those fuzzy feelings are gone. I guess we were fooled by our Aunt. Jemima looks so incredibly warm and loving, I could paint you an extreme picture by adding horns to Aunt Jemimas head and a cast iron pitchfork. But I don’t want to paint pictures. . . . And the picture would not be able to change your mind anyway. But I believe evidence will. But before I come off as a food addict, a health nut, a boycotting lost touch of reality scrub. I realize that I have very few options in terms of what is say ‘Natural’ or dare I say healthy. But I do have some options. And I guess I perhaps want to show somehow that you and I can learn to do better. And the word better, is the goal. I try not to get caught up in the bandwagon of politics and such. Because honestly I don’t completely agree with any said president, benefactor or otherwise. But I will speak to individual issues. And I do vote. I vote for the one I feel holds the most important issues to me in his favor. With that said and I am sure I said to much–I don’t want to launch to far ahead here…..

But what if like me you were just caught unawares in this mish-mosh of foods available. And that the effort to just eat was a time-consuming chore? I remember back when I was still working two jobs that eating was a last-ditch effort. I mean eating was  just a thing I did because of necessity. Stefan ( my boyfriend at the time now husband ) and I would launch out for the day together and many times in the same car. He would pick me up very early from my apartment and he and I would chat about the day we hoped to have all the while we’d eat a simple bagel or granola bar. Then he’d drop me off to my first job and he’d go to his, then if it were a Tuesday He would pick me up and we’d go to lunch. KFC, held our two dollars every week. Southern style steak with a rich white gravy over top. It came with two sides. And all at two dollars? My money finally went a whole lot farther. Then when it wasn’t a Tuesday we may hit Taco Bell. Mmm, healthy, healthy! Then occasionally we would venture to Mic’s, a little italian eatery. Then dinner was a stop at Krogers for a frozen pizza. So as you see, convenience and affordability. You might attest that these can be a driving force in our decisions. So to get to the title of this blog. I have been really trying to focus on the simple things. Coffee’s one, walnuts another. I have less food in my home then I used to. But I have better food. I have what I need to make bread, and cookies(the two being oh’ so good staples). And I have meat in my freezer. And organic coffee, did I mention coffee? So in a nutshell what is it that I think I am trying to get across?

Buy what you can. If you eat lots of any one thing try to buy that one thing without all the crud. Perhaps that means organic. And start thinking about basics. I buy organic milk, eggs, flour, butter, and vegetables. If say I bought processed organic foods. I would not have any money for any basics. But if you start off buying just basic items first you will find that you might actually be able to have a mostly organic lifestyle right off the bat. Okay so I beat the organic drum maybe a bit too much for you today. But just know that I still buy things that are say not organic, usually because there is no organic alternative. And many times I have fewer choices in my cupboards than I wish. But It isn’t hard buying organic anymore. I really felt the pinch for a while. But when something becomes natural for you, say buying that 24 pack of diet Coke. It is really hard in the beginning to do anything any different. But it does not mean you can never have item a, b, or c ever again. Remember the goal is to do better, not become a food nazi! So maybe some things to think about. And some, get this, “Food for thought”. Am I not just so amazingly whitty!!! 😉


One thought on “Simple things

  1. Love that photo of your al fresco breakfast. I made Dutch babies for the first time in a LONG time while we were at the farm. Used eggs from my mom’s chickens and WOW were the yolks bright and of course, they were super duper tasty. You know my feelings on the organic subject. 🙂

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