Busies and a new addition

It has shaped up to be a busy week around here, with my husband learning he had been awarded a new job, and the excitement and stress, and Him working still a few more weeks at his current job, we both were heavy with thoughts, ideas, aspirations and to-do’s that we never seem to get ahead of.

But I actually did get busy in doing some of those things that I really wanted to get busy with. Painting my kitchen for one. I first started taping up everything, that was a process of its own, then I had to sand off rough edges around the ceiling where drywall mud had missed the ceiling. When I first started pouring the green paint into the pan and wetting the roller, I began freaking out. This color was way bright. And I had my first episode of color shock. Color shock… before I had even began painting… usually a bad sign.

But having spent $40.00 to make a change happen, I did not wimp out, although I feared for the worst. Luckily paint is just that, you can paint it over anytime the urge hits. And you know what… I actually finished… four coats later and I love my kitchen!

Here it is with its last coat on, and final result. The kitchen is far from being done though. I want to actually do something with it now. I have ideas rolling around in my head. When I get to personalizing and de-cluttering it a bit I will show it in all of its glory. Just shows how special I think of you all, seeing my house in the state its in *wink*.

One of the ideas I have had is a definite change of the light fixture. I was thinking of going with one I  already have in Stefan’s home office , it came from IKEA… a stainless soft nickel fixture with adjustable lamps. But I have a couple of other ideas that I am considering as far as a light as well. Then there is no art at all in my kitchen. And for me that is a sad thing. I have forever on this blog shared my love for strawberries. I may start there, although I also have been thinking about a square frame, purely white, on the wall with a sphere of fabric in the center, I will paint you a visual picture later on this one. Then there is the lack of space and organization. I cook ALOT… so I really need to be able to function better in this space. I have super deep lower cabinets and with that come problems, I cannot see or reach far enough to see what I have. So I have literally lost spaghetti sauce right when I planned on making some.  I also have no home to put my produce  – things like – potatoes, onions, pineapple (whole), and herbs.
So I found this neat idea.

I seen a similar idea posted on Facebook. Using a magazine rack or basket on a wall hook to hold your potatoes and onions. This idea still does not solve the need for keeping fruits like bananas or pineapple, but it does at least provide an attractive storage solution.

Another thing happened this week…

We adopted our first fish!
I had been really thinking about getting one for over a year, but started getting serious right after I saw my sister-in-law adopt hers. I kept going to look at different fish ever since. I did not want to jump into another thing to take care of lightly, and I also wanted to know as much as I could about them.

So here is the download! My fish is native to asia, called the Beta. It is used to living in water with little oxygen available in the water among rice flats. Another words large expanses of water in very shallow pools. And they like their water warm. I also learned that while keeping one of these guys in a tiny teacup of water is doable, they are used to having loads of space. We only keep them in small spaces because they don’t need an aerator to survive. So although these are not the most active fish, they will become quite active if kept in warm water. So if you have one and all it ever does is float up top, chances are your water is way too cold! I was told that many beta owners find they are really active fish if kept in a larger tank with warmer water. My fish has not sat still much at all since bringing him home. He always seems to be pecking at the sand or  flitting from one side to the other until he sees me then he begs to be fed. So what is the name of our new addition? It did not take long, I gave him a name in punctuation I just learned heard, Ellipses…! Pronounced like “uh-LIP-sis”. My hubby and I picked out this home for him, just a large glass terrarium  with two live plants, sand, and duck weed. The duckweed is my favorite, it floats atop like moss and looks like three leaved clovers. It is the same stuff you see all over the backs of painted turtles in ponds.


The plants will hopefully provide extra oxygen to the water, and I hoped that it may even clean the water a little… not actually sure if plants have that effect though. So I still have tons here more to write. But I also want to do some other things today. Thanks so much for letting me share with you 🙂


One thought on “Busies and a new addition

  1. Love your new kitchen color (of course)! Hope to see it in person sometime soon! And your other improvements, too! Your fish is sweet. And a cute name for him, too. I’d love to see what the terrarium looks like, can’t tell its shape from your close up. Glad you’re full of ideas!! Keep rolling!

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