September dreaming

September already… yes I believe it is, and I am not really sure how I feel about that. Nope not really sure.  I am starting to change my mind on it though. Disliking how fast summer has come and gone, but changing my mind because it looks like September is going to be full of a lot of good things. Which I am so happy and thankful to share with all of you. First we both found out we  get to go to Destin, Florida after all!!! And I was not sure if we’d get to go. My husband was laid off at his job some odd weeks ago. And in accordance to his and my prayers and the Lords will, he was offered a new job, near home, and full of possibilities. And friends, I am so thankful!

Can I ask for anything more, after Stefan had been driving five days a week for years on end, I finally get to see his face an hour more each and every work day, and have an extra hour with him in the morning. Naturally, we will be saving money on gas, oil changes, and maintenance on his car. So in some ways it is kind of like a promotion. We won’t be rolling in the dough, but I can wave some of that away in exchange for getting my husband more, the Lord knows how much I love that man. Stefan has been working at his last job going on ten years… so with that long of an investment it was a real shock, and downer to hear that he and many others were being let go. BUT… it all worked out. In a way we could have not imagined. So time will tell what this new job, and lifestyle change will mean for him, and in some small ways, me too. But we are both hopeful and excited, and nervous all at the same time.  Would you keep us in your prayers for a few… as we try to get used to and sort out the everything new? I am sure you all will. So a big fat cheese of a smile to you for doing so!

My hope is after this Florida vacation, upon returning, I will have a modge podge of pictures to share with all of you. And sorry ahead of time… because I hope the photos contain..a load of fish. Yep, it will be my third time venturing out and wading into the deep waters. A time I find all to sweet. You see I am the fish-on-nat-tor. I find nothing more thrilling than pulling on a line in high tide to catch anything I can eat.
My days in florida while there will look a little like this… DREAm dreaM dream … *Billowy Cloud*

She rises… The sound of the ocean is muffled by the sliding glass door, separating me and the deep. With the sun still hiding behind that last wave I clamber around my room looking for the crocs that will take me out into the water. Gotcha, I slide them on. And  my mind is racing. What will today hold… will I get a fish on the line that will take me on a ride as fast as I take it? I don’t have to think about my husband getting up, he has already risen before me, and coffee in already in the air. I need to pee, but it is still dark outside, and dark inside as well. I go into the restroom and pee in the dark, Score. I change into my nylons, a pair of stretchy smooth material perfect for the water. They are long, because in times past, a jelly was always sure to find me. Stefan comes to my bathroom door, and knocks softly, you ready? I whisper ‘yep’! A granola bar in hand, coffee and a wagon of gear we head out the back door. The moon is still visible, and the seagulls have just arrived, they are not to feisty yet, they refuse to squabble over a small clam. Obviously, they are tired too. And It is hard for even them to wake up. Two chairs, a few rod holder stakes, and a bait cooler later we are fishing. We wade into the dark murky waters looking down–suspicious of any life that would resemble a shark, jelly, or anything that could do us harm. The moon reflects on the water and reminds me of its uncountable mysteries. Just what is in this ocean? And what in the world are we in for today? Waste deep in the cool water , its chill has breached my nylons, and with a rod and reel tight within my grip and dripping wet hands I tip the rod back and with all I’ve got I throw forward with enough oomph that I think it would have made it to Tokyo. I know I have landed it just far enough to be were the fish are at. I let out my line and turn towards the beach. With the line already let out I put the whole thing in a homemade rod holder contraption. I lean over it with dripping shorts and tighten my line. Two cranks in, the rod tip starts to bow rhythmically with the waves throwing in and going out.

I wish I could illiterate just what may come of that day, if it happens at all. But you can see, my mind has already wandered there. I hope I was able to take a few of you with me. It is funny though. The planning of it is sometimes more exciting than the actual event. But just maybe I can return with a story to tell you, maybe even a better one than I can imagine. Happy weekend friends!