Crochet, and Breakfast

Is there anything more warm, and inviting, than a fresh cup of french press coffee, and a blueberry muffin? It was hard to push myself off of my bed this morning, extra hard. It is funny because, I remember waking up while it was just getting light and hearing the rain coming down, and the wind blowing. I slept just pass the mornings storm, and now the sky’s blue, and the sun is shining.


Yesterday I spent half the day crocheting, I was happy with how far I went, although I cannot stitch as fast as I would like– practice, practice, I suppose.

I am trying to make a clutch, to hold my credit and debit cards, checkbook, and maybe even a lip balm. I was thinking about whether I want to line the inside or not. And also whether I will use a button closure or something else. I did look at trying some of the more fancy stitches, but after trying one that I thought was simple enough, I ended up goofing it up, and I was never even sure if I was doing it right in the first place. I should try watching a youtube video, that would be worth looking into. After all, I don’t want to just do single crochet my whole life– I need to expand my abilities!

Would love to stay around blogging, but Stefan and I are taking a kayak/camping weekend, and that means I have a lot to do, and a lot to pack.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather this weekend 🙂


Storm Clouds, Fear, and the Pool of Emotions

I have been feeling a boatload of emotions lately. The absence of light with the change of seasons is taking its toll. I have felt this cloud over me that seems to mute out some of my normal joys. It takes more effort to direct my thoughts to positivity, and at times it feels the world is crushing me. I look at the beautiful fall colors around me, and for a second I am lifted. But this time, I am not shaking the recent storm clouds covering my paths. I have been coping with emotions this year, better – in my own assessment –  and not tripping all day over the things that come into my mind that breeds fear and self doubt. I realize everyone deals from time to time with these sorts of emotions. And as I have done before, I have taken control, whipping myself back into shape as in times past. And today, I am there again, feeling its weight. Every time the clouds come, the depression, the down in the dumps, the doldrums, I remember when I thought I had graduated from these feelings. But each time I go through them and overcome, I feel I learn the most important lessons. Fear is much like depression, it tries to control. And at times I shrink and allow it to take the wheel. Until, the fear gets so out of control I get nasty and take the wheel back. It is then that I remember I cannot allow fear or depression to become my master. It is chilling to see the person I become when I become passive to these emotions. It grabs me and takes me where darkness and loneliness with fear becomes my most faithful friend. I become comfortable with it, making it a bed, and working my schedual around it. My life gets placed on hold, yet with the world still turning, I just sit it out. It is important that I recognize the cycle of these emotions. And to remember how to snuff out what tries to pull me under.

–Hugs to those who have been here before, and a reminder to fight for peace that passes understanding.

Philippians 4:7

King James Version (KJV)

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Vacation and the End of Summer

I guess I will start out this blog post with saying it has been way too long. I have been pretty busy lately, and not making much effort in blogosphere. Sorry if I kept any of you waiting. I suppose I should fill you in on my vacation to Destin, Florida, as it was a lovely trip and a nice, yet unfortunate end to summer. By the time we had gotten back into Ohio late that night, it went from a balmy 72 degrees to a mere 52 degrees–making our Ohio homecoming a little chilly. If you remember my last blog post, I went over in my imagination a trip in Destin that I hoped to experience. It was in many ways like I had hoped, although we tended to get a later start to the day than I had imagined. My husband Stefan had been blessed with a new job recently, and  we were relieved to hear that our vacation we had planned merely a year earlier was still a go. However with this new job, Stefan did have some much-needed things that needed squared away, so with that there was half the day each day he spent working. During that time I would go and sit on the beach, or go get some surf fishing in. It was amazing how fast the week went for me, and for him even more so. It also did not help that it got dark early there, around 7:30 or so. So what was it that made my vacation less than my imagination allowed me to wander? For starts, the fishing was not ideal—a hurricane had went through the area and the water made for a mossy mess. Nearly half the week we were down, the water was heavy with seaweed and murky. But towards the end of the week it cleared up for two days, lending us its usual clear, blue water. We did catch fish, lots even…although they would have made only a small meal. I supposed that all the big fish made their way into deeper water. I am not sure what it is about a hurricane that seems to scare the fish away. But one thing was for sure, for the size of fish I wanted, I needed to fish in deeper water. But even after Stefan telephoned a charter—none were making it out since the waves were too high.

Its humbling, but I did promise to give you a few shots of the fish we caught.

‘Spanish Mackerel’ ( very good eating )
‘Ladyfish’ (Bait fish, heads used for sharks)
What I believe to be a ‘Mangrove Snapper’
‘Hogfish’ during daylight hours
‘Florida Pompano’

We had caught many more fish and also many more different species than listed here. But all were about the same size not making it legal to harvest. However, we did catch some Whiting and a Spanish Mackerel that met legal limits. And they were very good to eat! I guess I was discouraged only that my large Igloo cooler never made its way home full of fish from the vacation like planned. Actually all the cooler did was take up space. But that is sometimes how it goes. Weather, tides, and all other reasons aside, we had fun!

And I have to share my favorite meals of the week with you…

‘Pompano Joe’s Snow Crab Feast’
Our freshly caught ‘Spanish Mackerel’ with cheddar biscuits
‘Kung Pao Chicken’ with “Crab Rangoons’
A few “”HOT”” Krispy Cremes with some oh’ so good coffee!
‘Panera Bread’ for breakfast

So there you have it! It was obviously a week of good eating and beautiful scenery—thanks for coming along with me!