Crochet, and Breakfast

Is there anything more warm, and inviting, than a fresh cup of french press coffee, and a blueberry muffin? It was hard to push myself off of my bed this morning, extra hard. It is funny because, I remember waking up while it was just getting light and hearing the rain coming down, and the wind blowing. I slept just pass the mornings storm, and now the sky’s blue, and the sun is shining.


Yesterday I spent half the day crocheting, I was happy with how far I went, although I cannot stitch as fast as I would like– practice, practice, I suppose.

I am trying to make a clutch, to hold my credit and debit cards, checkbook, and maybe even a lip balm. I was thinking about whether I want to line the inside or not. And also whether I will use a button closure or something else. I did look at trying some of the more fancy stitches, but after trying one that I thought was simple enough, I ended up goofing it up, and I was never even sure if I was doing it right in the first place. I should try watching a youtube video, that would be worth looking into. After all, I don’t want to just do single crochet my whole life– I need to expand my abilities!

Would love to stay around blogging, but Stefan and I are taking a kayak/camping weekend, and that means I have a lot to do, and a lot to pack.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather this weekend 🙂


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