Citrus and Inspiration,

It’s so hard sometimes to stay inspired, I felt like today especially the need to find something that could elevate my creativity. I had so much to do, and little motivation to actually start, and get things done. If I am inspired by something, or creative that day, it makes it so much easier to get things accomplished. I did manage to re-hang the curtains in our living room today. I had hung them once already, but one day I came home to two rods mysteriously hanging loose and one actually dropped! I wondered if something had happened, a little earthquake, wind that shook the house, a trespasser. I never did find out what happened, but this time I hung them with actual metal anchors versus the little unstable plastic ones. They look level from what I can tell, however where I had mudded and repaired the damage from earlier has left white, so I need  to re-paint. It is funny living without curtains. At times I would forget and come out of the bathroom from showering with a lovely towel wrapped around me. Then I would remember and shoot away from the window as fast as I could. So now with curtains I can be little more at ease if I am still in pj’s, or a lovely towel wrapped around my head!

I recently splurged on something I have wanted for a long time now, I wanted a citrus of some sort ever since I had went to the conservatory and smelled citrus’ fragrant flower and I was enamored with the fact you could grow oranges, lemons, and grapefruit in a greenhouse. I was even more wanting when I visited my sister-in-law and seen her citrus. Her porch smelled amazing simply from the blossoms alone. Her’s were a clementine sized fruited one. And it was great to see it growing inside happily and  with Ohio snow just outside the windows inch of glass. I picked up my first one at Oakland nursery in Columbus Ohio. It was just outside the greenhouse and with the weather getting colder each day they had it marked down 50% which meant I was able to get it for only $ 15 dollars. The variety is called ‘Newhall orange’ it did not have any flowers or fruit, so I am anxious to see what it does in the future. The other I found at Straders in Columbus as well. We seen it in the very back of the greenhouse, much out of view. It was marked down as well, and if it were easier to see I could imagine it may have left before I had the chance to take it home. This one was called “Meyer Lemon” it was covered in flower buds and even had a large fruit only slightly smaller than a grapefruit.


I was able to get it at only $20 dollars. Usually they cost much more, I had been eyeing them for some time and seen some for $50 and even $80 dollars.  A real small one you can sometimes find, they are usually only $30 when normally priced. When I started my garden this year I had the intent to grow more fruits than I ever had. I grew strawberries, blueberries, and just added a columnar apple to the group. I get excited thinking about setting out my lemon and orange next year when it turns to spring. Something about knowing were my food comes from, and learning about it, I love that! And this year I certainly have delve into collecting any bearing thing I could find. Now comes the challenge, keeping them alive and thriving! My home now though looks sometimes more like a greenhouse than anything else! Plants everywhere, I have them hanging, on shelves, by windows, I even placed a special spot for my favorites supplemented with artificial lighting { my new citrus’ were no exception }. So if you come in my house and wonder if you entered my home or some crazy plant lady world its the latter. I collect plants like old lady’s collect tea pots I suppose. And each have their specific purpose, well sometimes…


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