Breakfasts and Good Mornings

I have been loving getting used to having my new gas stove. I used to abhor mornings with my old stove– an old electric with three semi-working burners. I would try to prepare my husband and my breakfasts, and we would always eat at separate times. I could not make food and have it done all the same time, because the burners were small, and they heated up erratically at times. Making pancakes could even get interesting. Not so anymore, I can make things now I would never attempt with my old stove. So now, I actually get excited to make breakfasts. Although, I bet that feeling may wear off when I am met with tiredness and the stove becomes ‘old’ news. But for now, I am enjoying it. So I just thought I would give a post on food, and It’s ‘meal changing’ capabilities.

The oven works really well too. I made these yummy Dutch baby’s. When we usually make dutch baby’s we generally have them with lemons and powdered sugar, but this time I tried them with homemade whipped cream and organic strawberries. It went over well, although I was even more bad when I melted a tad of chocolate and added just a bit to even more sweeten the deal. I know we were supposed to be having breakfast, but I always make normal things into an exciting occasion, so bad.

Yesterday I made just some sausage and eggs with toast, but I did not manage to sneak a picture, but today’s breakfast I did.

We now have a cast iron griddle that came with our stove, so french toast with bacon it was. Wow, I am getting fat just thinking about it. I feel the need to diet already *wink*

A week ago we made this apple tart. It is great paired with french pressed coffee.

Okay so I think you get the idea.


5 thoughts on “Breakfasts and Good Mornings

  1. Yummy! So glad you finally got your new stove. I need more photos of your house (your lovely green kitchen).

    It’s Dutch Babies here today. Just with the usual lemon and powdered sugar. Your fancy one looks great. Any reason to whip some homemade whipped cream. 😉

    Your new citrus plants look beautiful. Makes me happy to know that you may have caught the plant bug from me. And a few others. Guess I must be highly contagious. 🙂

    • Yes the plant bug for sure, and this bug over here, and that one over there. Sheash, you must have really twisted my arm or something! I can definitely say that you are pretty inspiring! Look at the many things I used to never get into, then what happened *gasp*!!!
      I LOVE my citrus plants. I loved it when I came over to your house, I always leave inspired!

  2. Congratulations on your new stove. I was very happy when I got mine too. I love to cook, but not on a stove that doesn’t work right, for sure! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I enjoyed your post today and would love to try the Dutch Babies, I don’t have a recipe for them tho, could you share one?, and I will try them! Hope you have a great day!

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