Baby its Cold Outside

Things have been cooling down here in Ohio, and inside things have been warming up. We have been nurturing houseplants, cooking good food, and trying to stay warm the best we can.

Last week we made this homemade pizza for dinner…

Our cat Chessy has been trying to stay warm as well, she is our oldest cat finding every heat register, and every cozy spot. Our biggest challenge is keeping her off the clothes that come straight from the dryer. Here she has found the giant floor cushion…

I been doing a little bit of crochet, using a new bamboo/silk blend yarn. I really need to get back into doing more crafty things. It is so nice to relax and work on things. I been really thinking about trying my hands at a small throw/quilt. I have some scraps and I actually already have some batting. But I also need to make the time, and I have so many other things I would like to do.

And I been loving the smell of this Lemon tree’s blooms, they fill the house with a Jasmine like scent.


We had soup on the menu a couple of days ago, it was a Kiebasa Tortellini soup. I did not manage to get a picture, but it also helped to warm us up!
So what have you done this week to keep warm?


One thought on “Baby its Cold Outside

  1. I can just about smell your pizza. Gosh it looks good.
    Nice that your lemon tree has produced so many fragrant blossoms. One of my favorite aromas.
    And bamboo/silk crochet yarn must be really comfortable in the hands.
    Looks like you’re well settled into being indoors. Hope you have a really fine family Thanksgiving.

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