Its the Weekend!

We had our first saturday in a while here free. We spent most of it out, almost all day . Stefan has been working so much here, laboring from morning till evening. First on his full-time job, then in the evenings with his freelance. So having a free saturday was a surprise and obviously, really nice. We started by going out for breakfast to a French owned and operated bakery, called ‘La Chatelaine’. We shared an apple pastry, spinach quiche, hard roll and a donut. The coffee was really superb. And the food was really good as well.

It’s actually neat how it is set-up, you grab a tray just like in a cafeteria, and then you just ask for what you want, and they check you out at the end of the line. You pick your own table, and you refill your own coffee at their coffee bar.

This was the first time we had their breakfast, we would love making it back again another day.
For us, morning breakfast is one of our most favorite meals. Setting the stage to a good morning, of sorts. While eating, sitting, and enjoying the view out the window I kept thinking about how I’d like to incorporate  some of the things we experience out–eating out. I want to pull that into our quaint little home. Because when we go to a restaurant, there is already an atmosphere. But at home we are in charge of creating our own. And I want to be able let that be part of my daily experience. I don’t want us to always feel like we need to be taken out any time we want too. But to realize we can make our own things, superb and wonderful, all our own. And what better way to save a little money? We did other things this day. But this little place was definitely one of my favorites.


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