Snowy Blizzards, and Christmas


So Christmas has already came and gone, and a blizzard is being created one day after Christmas, making it hard for any day-after-sale enthusiasts to get out and catch the deals. I have not made it out today, and my gut tells me I might not make it out at all. But its been cozy, so I can’t complain. I have two candles burning, one smells of pine needles the other of apples. Stefan and I have just finished a later lunch which is what you see above, a first for me. Lamb chops– I have never had them, but after today I am sure we will have them again.

I have been itching to get our house cozier than ever. But weeks and weeks ago that fervor helped me to develop carpal tunnel. So days of taking it easy {not really} I am ready to get back to it, cleaning, decorating, planning, there is a lot my little self would like to do. But I need to mind my healing. I want to take a trip in the near future to IKEA, I have want of some more coffee mugs, and I would like to get a square white frame to hang some art in our kitchen. Winter always leaves room for more indoor creativity and with that I am also anxious to get the watercolors out. As Stefan has spoiled me with getting me for christmas a set of very fine watercolors, sable brushes, and heavy acid – free paper. Now all I want to do is justify a day to set aside a few hours, and to go a little nuts.

My crocheting is still at a halt, as well as my used to be daily guitar banging. I am trying my best to behave, giving room for my wrists to heal. And I spend a little too much time thinking of how to stretch the rules. Hopefully, in time I can get back at what I love. This time off is a little torturous. What do you do when you can’t do what your used to doing? I feel like every chore and hobby involve my wrists, and that is just wrong, shouldn’t there be something I can do with my toes? Like toe crochet, or toe knitting– did I create an image in your head? If so, I met my purpose *wink*



One thought on “Snowy Blizzards, and Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas, Ashely! Mind those wrists and hands. You can apply your creative energies in lots of ways that are kind to your healing. Crochet and guitar can wait. Hope you do get to Ikea for the decorative touches you long for. Sure wish I lived closer to that great shop…
    Hope you and Stephan have a marvelous new year.
    best wishes,

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