What in the World do You Do?


I scraped myself from the warm bed, had me a shower, stretched forth and grabbed my car keys– I was headed to the Re-Store. Its a place were loads of scrap whether wood, hardwear, or windows can be found. And can be had at a fraction of the cost of retail. I had purpose, to find a barrel, one of those plastic drums you see in restaurants that hold grease, and other foodlike ingredients. You see it is now when a gardener would start dreaming up ones big plan for an eden, a garden fortress to grub on. And for do-it-yourselfer’s the theme always rolls to the term ‘cheap’. And being so I found some good timber to build a raised bed with, but no luck for the barrel, the trek obviously was still worth something.

I paid seven dollars per board and one board is sure to give me fits later because at seven dollars– this board was warped. But I don’t care, and the plants will understand, I want to do things cheaply. I keep trying to concoct a vision, a long bed, two small beds? What to do? Strawberries or a combination of strawberries, beans, and lettuce? Oh its just so insane!!! Whats a gardner to do? The stress its killin me…lol.