I love the vintage. I love color.
I love seeing ordinary things change into one of a kind items.
I love seeing life from a different angle.

Photography takes a more journalistic approach.
Paint splatters fall at the random.
And stitches are made without a marked pattern, but with intended purpose.
A splash here, a stitch there, random, lovely, imperfection.

I love to journal with photos, If you saw my photo library you would think I was ocd.

I love it for its ability to make my plans go awry, my perceived mistakes becomes its beauty. And you just can not plan a paintings outcome. It will always surprise; one way, or another.

I have a drawer full of rainy day yarns devoted to the cause
{sometimes I make my own rainy days–rainy or not}

Handmade cards
The ability we have to encourage someone. Take every opportunity you get to share your good thoughts, and that you care.

Sew Lovely
Again I love randomness here too, taking something beautiful and creating something from nothing.
I will use patterns if I have to. But I would rather have no limits and handcraft something you will never see anywhere else.
I love up-cycled fabrics, designer fabrics, denim, anything that inspires me to want to create something one of a kind.

What’s in the name?
‘Cozy’ started out as my own personal blog, but has evolved into my own shop as well.
I wanted my blog to function around life in general and to give others inspiration, and to encourage others to add coziness into their own life.

Visit My Etsy Store: StudioCozy

Or shop on my blog!



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